I'm Ashley Livingston, a web developer & designer specializing in Shopify theme creation and app development

I've done custom web work in all different industries, for clients all around the globe. As a Shopify Partner and listed expert, I create modern, highly functional, and beautiful eCommerce sites, that are great for the user. I'm based out of the New York City area, and am currently available for new projects. I also am available for new code mentees and freelance coaching clients.

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Services & Specialties

eCommerce Development and Design

eCommerce and online retail businesses are my favorite types of projects to work on. My preferred platform is Shopify. Typical eCommerce services include: custom theme development for Shopify or Wordpress, existing theme modification/redesign, user experience and interaction design to keep your customers moving through the sales funnel, and complete mobile styling to make shopping easy on any device.

I love working with liquid templating tools, but I'm not limited. No matter what project I work on, I make to sure to write validated, semantic code using the most up-to-date version of HTML and CSS. I love working with jQuery, and PHP is no fun at all but I can do that too! Code development is my passion and my greatest strength: clean, functional, and scalable code is my guarantee.

Search Engine Optimization

A web dev project isn't complete without a good SEO workup. The SEO services I usually offer include a full setup in Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Tools. I'll generate and submit sitemaps for you, so you're more likely to be crawled by google's bots. I'll help you write your meta tags, descriptions, and titles, and work with you to find ways to build links. I'll proof your content and make sure you're demonstrating authority and authenticity, a big part of how google determines your rank.

Graphic Design and Branding

I partner with two fantastic designers, Danielle McPherson and Christina Yurani, to provide any graphic design or branding services that may accompany your development needs. My clients are free to work with Danielle or Christina directly, but I will make sure to partner with them closely, ensuring a unified, cohesive look across your whole site. I've got some graphic design chops, too, but I keep my design skills mostly focused on web design.

Other stuff that I do

Off-site development work for marketing agencies, code mentoring, & freelance coaching. Any freelancers out there, please visit my website Ashley The Developer for a wealth of freelancing resources and information.

"Ashley is an incredibly talented, generous, and patient advisor. She has been helping me from overseas at all hours, walking me through my website's code, and providing me with answers within minutes. While some may have Ashley's coding talent, few are able to match her wonderful attitude. Ashley truly understands customer service with a smile, always going the extra mile. I give Ashley my highest recommendation."

Nadav Weinberg, Co-founder & CEO, Paq

"Ashley is by far the best person I have found [...], and I'll be using her continuously. She really understands what you tell her and she is incredibly reliable and excellent at what she does. This will save you a lot of time and money, by finding the right person srtaight off. I have used her for my website and mailchimp so far."

Yoram Pohl, Blogger @ Chillatics and No More Rebounds

Recent Projects


Prioritist is a task management app to be used in your desktop browser. Make an unlimited number of lists to add tasks to, organized by due date or priority. Drag and drop tasks between lists and reorder lists whenever you need, with your data saved automatically. I designed and developed Prioritist, and it currently has about 200 users. I used jQuery, AJAX, PHP, and SQLite to create the functionality for the app.


Monte Bene

This project included an eCommerce site for Monte Bene, a local food company based out of the Westchester, NY area. I modified and customized an existing Shopify template to meet the design specifications that we worked through together. I used liquid templating, HTML5, CSS3 and a little jQuery for the site's construction.


Mind Map Hero

Mind Map Hero has been a really fun project to work on. In partnership with author, study skills coach, and entrepreneur Ray Langan, I designed and developed a new home page and about page to work in conjunction with his existing wordpress template. This project involved some Adobe CS work, HTML5, CSS3, jQuery, and PHP.


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